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Our Process

Initial Discovery Meeting: This is where we get to know you, your family, your hopes, and your dreams. It encompasses what’s meaningful to you, now and in the future. We gather your financial information and assess your financial condition.

Client Centered

Investment Plan Meeting: Based on the information we gathered at our Initial Discovery Meeting, we’ll share our analysis and recommendations and show you how we’re different. We’ll draw on our many talents and decades of experience to create strategies based on your unique situation. Feel like we’re a good fit? Let’s make it official. At this meeting, we’ll move forward with our professional relationship.

Wealth Management Plan: This is where we go from recommendation to reality. Based on our initial analyses, we’ll create a comprehensive evaluation, offer strategies for Retirement Planning, Investment Models, Tax Management, Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Asset Protection, and Charitable Giving, then share with you for your review. We will implement our strategies on your timeline, prioritizing what’s important first for you. It may start with an investment account designed to meet one of your financial goals.

Follow-Up Meeting: We’ll help you organize the paperwork you received, explain our statements and reports, and ensure you’re good to go on all aspects of this great new relationship.

Regular Progress Meetings: It’s hard to know if you’re moving forward without regular progress reports. We’re always available to chat about your investments, but we also schedule regular meetings to review changes in your personal or financial life and make adjustments to your Wealth Management Plan as needed. Life changes. Your Wealth Management Plan should change as well. We’ll keep it updated and on track.